Privacy Policy

We have designed to provide good knowledge to the users about common login problems faced while dealing with various sites and the measures to solve those problems with an ease. We have developed the following terms which must be followed by all the users while using our site.

Privacy Policy

1.Terms of Use

All the contents of the site are designed to help the users solve login problems in various circumstances and thus the contents should never be shared with any kind of third party such as hackers, phishers, etc. other than the user and the site itself. Criticisms as well as praises need to be communicated with the site and never with third party.


The site is fully concerned about the safety of all the site visitors. So, the users need to use the site in such a way that it will cause no harm to any other user or the site itself. All are requested to use the site in a best possible way.

3.Private Use

The site is made to help all users solve issues regarding login in various sites. So, the users need to be aware that it is not made for commercial purpose. Thus, user need to keep in mind that site is used only for private use.


All the contents of the site belong to the site itself. Users are never encouraged to sell the articles or contents of the site through any means. If you are keenly interested to buy our contents then, please feel free to contact us.


Users should never post any type of harmful content in the site which may damage the prestige of the site. You are never allowed to comment offensive words in the site contents. Apart from this, users are not allowed to make any kind of modifications in the site either for the betterment or downfall of the site.

In order to use the site wisely, you must keep these policies in mind during the site visit.

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