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Things To Do If You Forgot Windows Password

Computer has been one of the most valuable jewels for us, humans in this generation, with all the important files, photos and access to our emails, bank accounts and everything else. As much as it has grown to become our obsession, the security and safe keeping of the device is just as important. Forgetting password is one of the common problem and this article will help in Things To Do If You Forgot Windows Password. These ideas help you to manage to outsmart ourselves and forget the self – created password.


Here, we have listed out some of the possible ways which might be helpful for you in retrieving your lost password.

Steps to follow if you forget windows password

  • Hint and Guess work
    If you remember the time when you were setting up your password, there was a space for hint in case you forgot your password, exactly for times like these. But if you are anything like me, you probably typed the hint as something like “hints are for fools”. As you might have noticed, typing any wrong password on your computer automatically notifies you with the hint. Just hope that you put up some reasonable hint at the time.
    The next thing you could try is, as silly as it sounds, guesswork. Forgot windows password windows 7 are usually the things we could never forget. It might be your pet’s name, lover’s name, date of birth of someone important and so on. Keep your fingers crossed and start guessing.
  • Windows Reset Disk
    All forgot windows 7 administrator password based computers have the ability to create a reset disk in case your computer malfunctions in the future and you need to save your computer along with the saved files and data. The disk will work even if you have changed your password since creating it. If you were proactive enough to have created the disk, now is the perfect time to bring it out.
  • Administrator Access
    If you are a guest user, then you can simply log in from the administrator account of your computer. All administrator accounts have the authority to overwrite passwords for the guest users, and you can simply reset a new one.
  • Password Recovery Programs
    A handful of programs have been created for the sole purpose of overwriting your windows password, or resetting a new one. You can use one of those programs.
  • Final Option
    If nothing else works, then the only thing you can do is enter your Windows bootable disk and make a clean install of your Windows computer. Your computer will be formatted, and assuming that you have back up everything on your computer, your computer will be as good as new. Hope your problem regarding forgot windows 7 password will be solved.

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